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How does it work?

DeliveryConfirm.com is a web-based email utility that notifies you when your email messages have been accessed.

We do this by storing your message on our server and sending your recipient a unique link and password to access it. When the link and password are entered your recipient can view your message, and you get an alert in your email.

Step 1 - get an account

When you sign up you will have to verify your email address. It's important to use an email address that you check regularly because this is where we send your notifications.

Step 2 - create a message

After you've signed up and logged in, use the form provided to type an email like you would with any email program.

Include your recipient's email address, the subject, attachments, and your message. You can also provide a message summary that gives your recipient an idea of what your message is about without giving them access to the whole thing.

They get an email that looks something like this.

Step 3 - track your message

Afer it's been sent you can track the status of your messages online, or just keep an eye out for our email notifications.